[EM] The Problem with Score Voting and Approval Voting

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In Canada, and perhaps the USA, in some parts, STV included IRV. Neither 
(nor indeed any official election in the world) has a rational exclusion 
count, and I think the consequences of that omission is what you are 
getting at. The system of transferable voting, I developed, has both a 
rational election count and a rational exclusion count, but it is still 
a single transferable vote. It is just counted both as an order of 
preference and as an order of reverse preference, to extract more 
information from the voting data.
A crucial point here is that (with FAB STV) no candidates are excluded 
during the stages of the count, thus prematurely excluding available 
information. Likewise no candidates are elected till all the stages of 
the count have run their course.

Richard L.

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> > I agree with all this.
> > It was said long ago, with regard to many votes per seats and cumulative
> > voting, as by Enid Lakeman: Multiple votes count against each other.
> > Single transferable voting is the way to go.
> Richard, do you mean specifically "[IRV] is the way to go" or that the 
> use of the ordinal ranked-ballot is the way to go?
> Single transferable vote [STV] means "IRV" to me and at one time I 
> thought it would make little difference in outcome in comparison to 
> Condorcet.  But 10 years ago, in my very own town, I found out 
> differently.
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