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In Britain, the parties against STV, as in the Plant and Jenkins report 
complained that STV was both too remote and too local. Jenkins was aware 
of the contradiction but just soldiered on anyway, on the expedient that 
any stick will do to beat the dog with. He had to do that because, as he 
told Paddy Ashdown in confidence (The Ashdown Diaries 1997-9) "Blair 
wouldn't give us Single Transferable Vote (STV)."
The preliminary Plant report, an in-house Labour party document avowedly 
opposed STV for its "intra-party" competition in Ireland. Inother words 
STV also acts as a primaries within the general election - too 
democratic for them. That's why they have plastered MMP all over the 
country, having confided in their report that it did not threaten their 
incumbency. I have written about these and many more things in my free 
e-books linked to "Democracy Science" site.

Richard Lung.

On 07/07/2017 01:40, fdpk69p6uq at snkmail.com wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 8:31 PM, Erik Moeller wrote:
>     Are you suggesting that it should be a single 435-member-district?
> No, I'm just saying it would be more proportional if it were.  (A 
> party with 1% support among the general population could win 4 seats, 
> for instance, vs 0 seats when there's a hundred 5-member districts.)
>     If
>     so, I would worry that it would reduce emphasis on local
>     party-building and campaigning
> Agreed.  MMP seems better for that purpose, or maybe one of the new 
> things like GOLD.  I haven't researched multi-winner systems thoroughly.
>     Fragmentation is a threat to stability/predictability
> Is that bad?  A government that has trouble passing laws until they're 
> modified to appeal to a diverse majority seems like a good thing to me.
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