[EM] Election-method reform bill in U.S. Congress

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On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 8:03 PM, Frank Martinez wrote:

> This bill is a bad way because it gets low information Voters think RCV is
> a significant improvement when it is nothing of the kind. In other words,
> it takes well meaning Individuals and distorts Their world view.

As much as I dislike FairVote and their use of the term "RCV", in this case
it means "single transferable vote", which I understand to be a
more-or-less decent proportional representation system.  In single-rep
states, it devolves into instant-runoff voting, and using PR in lots of
5-member districts means it will still be two-party dominated compared to a
single 435-member district, but it's not terrible?
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