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	Over a decade ago, simulations showed, that for single-winner, the best voting system is Score-Voting,; while, for proportional representation, it is Asset-Voting:

	*	In Score-Voting, one scores candidates on a scale of -9 to +9, skipping over 0, thus forcing voters to come down 1 way or another for a candidate.  Voters can abstain and equally score candidates.  Voters must give 1 candidate -9 votes and 1 candidate +9 votes or their ballot is spoiled.  Abstentions are converted to -9 and the Scores are summed.  Greatest sum wins.

	*	Take the number of female seats and the number of male seats to the cube root of the population.  Each voter gets a female vote and a male vote.  Each candidate receive votes.  The votes split into 2 votes, 1 for males and 1 for female.  The candidates can do whatever they want with the cisgendervotes, but must give the transgendervotes to the opposite gender.  Candidates trade votes until the legislature is seated.  It is the most proportional system devised, and with the 3 layers of genderequallity built into the system, guarantees equal genderrepresentation.



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