[EM] The election methods trade-off paradox/impossibility theorems paradox.

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> On 7/5/2017 3:06 AM, robert bristow-johnson wrote:

>> Have you heard about jurisdictions that adopted IRV, used it, and

>> later repealed IRV?

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> [KB] Other than Burlington VT, there were New York City, Ann Arbor MI,

> and Hopkins MN, to name three. In all of the latter, the repeal was

> political, not based on substance or policy.

well, it's *always* political if it's about policy.  that's sorta common root word.
again, my point, that FairVote seems to not want to consider, is that every time IRV (*however* it's called, and FairVote's name change does not change the flawed mechanics) fails to elect the
Condorcet winner, there is trouble that reflects poorly on voting system reform *and* ranked-choice voting and *even* *more* *so* with the mislabeling of IRV to RCV.
that's why i am sorta pissed at FV and Rob Richie for advocating a name change for superficial marketing reasons, rather than
advocating fixing the product they are selling for the purpose of voting system reform.
IRV fails and people will blame the ranked ballot.  It will take at least generation (i think at least 20 years and we're only 8 years in) for enough people to forget, for the problems with FPTP to
rear their heads again, and enough new voters will suggest RCV to fix the problems that FPTP demonstrated.  we'll need another election where the minority GOP wins because of a split vote between the two liberal parties   in Vermont, about 32 months ago, we had an election for *Governor*
that had a questionable outcome where it was the GOP that was screwed.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermont_gubernatorial_election,_2014#Results_5 
but that was still not enough to motivate a call for reform.  i am sorta resigned that FPTP will be with us forever, due partly
to the failure of IRV in 2009.

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