[EM] What is the goal of a "better" election method?

Sennet Williams sennetwilliams at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 8 18:49:39 PST 2017

I follow this list when I can, but it is not really clear what the benefit would be of a different election system, except possibly "counting more votes" or "representing more voters."  It seems like a waste of energy unless it will accomplish a goal that the most eligiible voters will be motivated by.  
-Personally, I want "better govt."   
-China  is working to end "multi-party politics" because it results in bad govt. (I think that the Chinese govt. is referring to parliament rather than the two-party system)  -The Berkeley Daily Cal editorialized for IRV because "IRV lets you vote for who you really want"  (something to that effect, that was a long time ago and memory fades)
The point is, comments on this list might be more effective if you declare1-what benefit to the organization that your voting system will accomplish.
Keep in mind that lots of people DO NOT want to enfranchise more voters.  They might not see the benefit of it.  More people voting reduces the influence of the previous voters. 
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