[EM] Chicken dilemma burial. Bottom end burial-incentive.

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Thu Sep 29 09:18:20 PDT 2016

MMPO meets Weak CD, but fails CD in its original strong version. But that
failure isn't as bad as it sounds.

It involves burial. But A is the CWs, and, in MMPO & wv, voters who suspect
that their favorite is CWs should use the anti-burial counterstrategy of

So, with ordinary wv/MMPO CWse-protective counterstrategy, the burial is
thwarted & penalized.   ...& therefore deterred.

I & others have been saying that optimal strategy in WV & MMPO is to
top-rank one's top-set, & rank one's bottom-set in reverse order of

If that's optimal & everyone's doing it, doesn't that mean there's always a
lot of burial against the CWse (expected CWs)?

And, if so...

I've been saying that an advantage of wv strategy is that failure to
protect the CWs by plumping is harmless unless burial is being attempted.

...in contrast to Bucklin, where voting past the CWs can give away the

But, with bottom-end burial optimal, that burial will always be there.

...or will it?

In methods with wv strategy, the plumping countermeasure deters burial
against the CWs.

That deterrence applies to that bottom-end burial as well.

So maybe bottom-end burial isn't optimal after all.

With all burial against the CWs
deterred by plumping, then it remain true that it might not happen, & that
therefore the plumping isn't as necessary as it is in Bucklin. The threat
or likelihood of it could be enough to deter burial.

Michael Ossipoff
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