[EM] Alright, burial might be prohibitive problem for wv & MMPO.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 18:40:06 PDT 2016

Chris was right about bottom-end burial being a likely big problem for wv &

In wv & MMPO, if people rate candidates as top-set & bottom-set, then,
contrary to what I said, they _won't_ be deterred from burial among their
bottom-set.   ...because they don't care which of them wins, if they have
at least some tiny chance of defeating them all...as they could if the
CWs's voters ever forget to plump, or misjudge who's CWs. (If the CWs is in
their bottom-set).

If so, then maybe burial could be so rampant that the CWs would rarely win.

..a mess.

Bucklin & Approval (including 3-Slot ICT as an Approval-version) have a
simplicity, solidity & reliability that pairwise-count unlimited-rank
methods don't have.

Michael Ossipoff
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