[EM] MJ & MMC. Top-set dfn omission.

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Fri Sep 9 14:55:05 PDT 2016

1st a clarification:

MJ meets Woodall's Majority for Solid Coalitions. But fails the much
stronger & more meaningful MMC.

MAM & the Bucklin versions I like meet MMC.

Anything that meets ordinary Smith meets Majority for Solid Coalitions.

Anything that meets my Smith meets MMC.

My Smith:

X prefbeats Y if more voters prefer X to Y than vice-versa.

A sincere Smith set is the smallest set such that everyone in the set
prefbeats everyone outside the set.

The winner should come from that set.

(end of dfn)

More complete dfn of operational top-set (OTS):

A voter's OTS is the set such that electing someone from that set is more
important to hir than the matter of _which_ member of that set wins.  ...&
more important than the matter of which candidate outside that set wins.

(end of dfn)

Michael Ossipoff
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