[EM] (3) MJ -- The easiest method to 'tolerate'

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sun Sep 4 08:19:10 PDT 2016

Good Morning, Chris Benham

I want to thank you for this critical insight:

   "An election for a powerful political office isn't a jury-
    like collaboration among voters to select the best winner.
    Rather it is competition between factions of voters who are
    trying to elect their favourites and/or prevent the election
    of some candidate they consider relatively bad."

You explain, with great clarity, why faction-based systems betray the 
public interest.  On a site devoted to electoral methods, it is a 
tragedy that no effort is devoted to creating methods that let the 
voters collaborate to select the best advocates of the common interest.

Fred Gohlke

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