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Speaking of problem-disclosure:

Any proposal of MAM or Schulze should always include the following

If, with you and some similar voters ranking Compromise alone at top (over
Favorite), thereby Compromise wins, then:

If you'd instead moved Favorite up to top, along with Compromise, that
could change the winner from Compromise to Worst.

Do you think that you could enact MAM or Schulze, with that disclosure?

Would it be ethical to conceal that information when proposing those

Michael Ossipoff
On Oct 5, 2016 9:44 PM, "Markus Schulze" <markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de>

> Hallo,
> > I remind you that our topic is MAM vs Schulze. Therefore
> > the pairwise comparison most relevant here is the pairwise
> > comparison between MAM & Schulze.
> When the Schulze winner is identical to the MinMax winner,
> while the MAM winner differs from the MinMax winner, then
> this necessarily means that the worst pairwise defeat of
> the Schulze winner is weaker than the worst pairwise defeat
> of the MAM winner. That's why those findings are relevant
> when we compare MAM and Schulze.
> Markus Schulze
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