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On Oct 5, 2016 9:44 PM, "Markus Schulze" <markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de>
> Hallo,
> > I remind you that our topic is MAM vs Schulze. Therefore
> > the pairwise comparison most relevant here is the pairwise
> > comparison between MAM & Schulze.
> When the Schulze winner is identical to the MinMax winner,
> while the MAM winner differs from the MinMax winner, then
> this necessarily means that the worst pairwise defeat of
> the Schulze winner is weaker than the worst pairwise defeat
> of the MAM winner. That's why those findings are relevant
> when we compare MAM and Schulze.

As I said, you're referring to a defeat that's contradicted & overruled by
being weakest in a cycle with defeats that aren't overruled in that way.

Anyway, ask people whether they prefer the Schulze winner to the MAM
winner. Usually (4 to 1 or 5 to 1?) they'll say that they prefer the MAM

That's rather compelling.

Michael Ossipoff
> Markus Schulze
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