[EM] MAM vs Schulze

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 5 11:13:46 PDT 2016


on the other side, the simulations have also shown that
the worst pairwise defeat of the Schulze winner is usually
weaker than the worst defeat of the MAM winner.

Norman Petry writes: "Schulze and Smith//PC are in agreement
on the choice of winner over 90% of the time, regardless of
the size of the Smith set, whereas Tideman's method diverges
in its choices as the size of the Smith set increases."


Jobst Heitzig writes: "Note that Beatpath and Plain Condorcet
are unanimous in all these examples!"


Barry Wright writes: "[In the 3-candidate case] Least Worst
Defeat and Schulze [are] disagreeing on only three elections
per thousand." "We do notice that Least Worst Defeat and
Schulze continue to show a very coherent response, agreeing
in nearly ninety-nine percent of all elections through
seven candidates."


Markus Schulze

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