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> Hallo,
> on the other side, the simulations have also shown that
> the worst pairwise defeat of the Schulze winner is usually
> weaker than the worst defeat of the MAM winner.

(endquote )

The MAM winner has no defeats that aren't  nullified by being the weakest
defeat in a cycle whose other defeats are affirmed.

...and those affirmed stronger defeats are affirmed because that _can't_ be
said of them.

Additionally, I remind you that our topic is MAM vs Schulze. Therefore the
pairwise comparison most relevant here is the pairwise comparison between
MAM & Schulze.    ...a comparison which MAM wins several times more often
than Schulze does.

Michael Ossipoff

> Norman Petry writes: "Schulze and Smith//PC are in agreement
> on the choice of winner over 90% of the time, regardless of
> the size of the Smith set, whereas Tideman's method diverges
> in its choices as the size of the Smith set increases."
> Jobst Heitzig writes: "Note that Beatpath and Plain Condorcet
> are unanimous in all these examples!"
> Barry Wright writes: "[In the 3-candidate case] Least Worst
> Defeat and Schulze [are] disagreeing on only three elections
> per thousand." "We do notice that Least Worst Defeat and
> Schulze continue to show a very coherent response, agreeing
> in nearly ninety-nine percent of all elections through
> seven candidates."
> Markus Schulze
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