[EM] MAM vs Schulze

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 08:46:35 PDT 2016

Here are 2 differences between  MAM & Schulze:

1. In at least 2 simulation studies, independent of each other, when MAM &
Schulze choose differently, the MAM winner pairbeats the Schulze winner at
least several times as often than vice-versa.

2. MAM is the pairwise-count method that never unnecessarily disregards a
voted public preference (pairwise defeat).

Here's what MAM says:

A defeat is affirmed if it isn't the weakest defeat in a cycle whose other
defeats are affirmed.

A candidate wins if s/he doesn't have an affirmed defeat.

(end of definition)

Because Schulze differs from MAM by unnecessarily disregarding a voted
public preference, it's no surprise when people prefer the MAM winner to
the Schulze winner.

Michael Ossipoff
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