[EM] Alright, burial might be prohibitive problem for wv & MMPO.

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Sat Oct 1 09:12:38 PDT 2016

You-lot were right about MMPO having a prohibitive problem.

Approvalists & IRVists were right about wv having too much of a burial

...& Chris was right all along about how problematic bottom-end burial is.

Michael Ossipoff
On Oct 1, 2016 8:08 AM, "Kevin Venzke" <stepjak at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> There are conflicting incentives, at least under the Schwartz methods.
> Contributing to the defeat strength of some candidate A>B is bad for B, but
> it can be good for A, because it can give A a stronger path against
> "top-set" candidates, and make *them* lose. There's a transitivity to
> defeats.
> If you have an estimate of who is the worse of two frontrunners (and there
> are just two), you shouldn't rank that candidate over anybody. This is true
> even if you feel indifferent among your bottom-set.
> Kevin
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> Chris was right about bottom-end burial being a likely big problem for wv
> & MMPO.
> In wv & MMPO, if people rate candidates as top-set & bottom-set, then,
> contrary to what I said, they _won't_ be deterred from burial among their
> bottom-set.   ...because they don't care which of them wins, if they have
> at least some tiny chance of defeating them all...as they could if the
> CWs's voters ever forget to plump, or misjudge who's CWs. (If the CWs is in
> their bottom-set).
> If so, then maybe burial could be so rampant that the CWs would rarely win.
> ..a mess.
> Bucklin & Approval (including 3-Slot ICT as an Approval-version) have a
> simplicity, solidity & reliability that pairwise-count unlimited-rank
> methods don't have.
> Michael Ossipoff
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