[EM] Alexander Praetorius, regarding Frome, U.K.

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Mon Jul 6 10:35:21 PDT 2015

Good Morning, Alexander

re: Currently most people ARE LEMMINGS (sometimes labeled

Yeah!  Or, at least, they're called that by those bright folks who are 
so much smarter than the rest of us.  Unfortunately for this discussion, 
I'm one of those lemmings or zombies you look down on.

re: I think they will become "some kind of party", by the
     fact that those people "work" together on a daily basis
     and they get to know each other and they synchronize
     their thoughts over time, while people in every day life
     engage in other things and some might start to not be
     strongly in touch with whomever they support.

That will probably happen.  The question is how Frome's town council, a 
group of people who have demonstrated their awareness of the dangers of 
party politics, can devise and enact an electoral method that includes 
"people in every day life"?

re: The best approach would be to upgrade all the things
     with digital technology - because if you look beyond
     "technology", what it is is just an opportunity of
     increased connectedness of everyone with everyone else
     at all times ...

Politics is concerned with the relationships between people.  How can 
Frome's town council use technology to increase the connectedness of the 
"people in every day life" that populate their community?  They 
(probably) already have the entire voting population on their computers. 
  What can they do to help "people in every day life" participate in 
meeting the needs of the community?

Fred Gohlke

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