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> Good Morning, Alexander
> re: Currently most people ARE LEMMINGS (sometimes labeled
>     "zombies").
> Yeah!  Or, at least, they're called that by those bright folks who are so
> much smarter than the rest of us.  Unfortunately for this discussion, I'm
> one of those lemmings or zombies you look down on.

This is not what I meant by that. They are totally not in their private
life, but most people work 40h+ a week and business is basically making the
world spin. Provides homes, food, health care, computers, cars, all kinds
of technology, basically all the goods and products.
So yes, everyone is not a "Lemming" when it comes to being a "consumer",
because of course, everyone has the power to decide how they spend the
money, but it's only one side. The other is who makes the decisions to
offer certain products & services and markets them and builds supply chains
and here its only the owners/managers/politicians (which are a fraction of
the population) and they decide, while employees don't have a say in that,
and thats exactly why they get paid for their work.

So I do not look down on those and me, often doing freelance work, where i
do not have many, but basically one main client (which is very similar to
what employees face when they have one employer). So I'm sitting in the
same boat, even though I try to change it more and more.

> re: I think they will become "some kind of party", by the
>     fact that those people "work" together on a daily basis
>     and they get to know each other and they synchronize
>     their thoughts over time, while people in every day life
>     engage in other things and some might start to not be
>     strongly in touch with whomever they support.
> That will probably happen.  The question is how Frome's town council, a
> group of people who have demonstrated their awareness of the dangers of
> party politics, can devise and enact an electoral method that includes
> "people in every day life"?

I dont think they can. I think they have to empower people by making tax
laws easier and all the rules around getting self employed, because "self
employment" (single people working in a network of self employed which
spans supply chains in similar ways that companies do it internally) will
spawn a huge market for "democracy/voting" apps that utilize all kinds of
methods and that ecosystem will enable democracy to flourish and everyone
who is doing the research on methods, to actually provide services in form
of apps which give everyone in need access to "voting tools".

Then later on, people in a certain kind of business can start to negaotiate
with political parties and institutions how they can optimize the way they
It's not something that can be handed down to the people by some
enlightened party, it is something that has to grow in a grassroots way. So
the best the party could do is to try to remove all the barriers that exist
and spawn maybe some programs that enable people to transition into "self
organization" "self employement" "self directedness" when it comes to
business, which is the moving force behind the economy.

> re: The best approach would be to upgrade all the things
>     with digital technology - because if you look beyond
>     "technology", what it is is just an opportunity of
>     increased connectedness of everyone with everyone else
>     at all times ...
> Politics is concerned with the relationships between people.  How can
> Frome's town council use technology to increase the connectedness of the
> "people in every day life" that populate their community?  They (probably)
> already have the entire voting population on their computers.  What can
> they do to help "people in every day life" participate in meeting the needs
> of the community?

- Offer Providers to directly connect their "Apps" to computers of
institutions (regarding all kinds of reportings), so that those providers
can make it easier for people to use those Apps to manage their self
employment. It has to become super cheap (regarding monthly costs & time
spent for bureaucracy) to run/manage their own business.
- Create standards on how people can register an "electronic identity",
with which they can deliver a vote on/for certain issues or create
proposals, so certain business would integrate that into the apps they
offer to the self employed - so all the self employed person needs is to
register for a "electronic signature" to put into their app to give votes
on certain issues connected to their life or business

Only the internet can bring democracy to the next level.
Whatever is/was possible without the internet has already been done to the
best way possible in the past.

> Fred Gohlke
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