[EM] (2): UK 'post mortem', 2nd discussion between Steve and Fred Gohlke

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Sat Jul 4 10:45:30 PDT 2015

Good Morning, Alexander

re: Thats the "bottom-up-process" which only works if
     people start to get organized in order to be able
     to act collaboratively in constructive ways.

Your point that people must "act collaboratively in constructive ways" 
is both accurate and vital.  The question is how to get them organized 
to do that.  Your suggestion, "If everyone would start to run their 
"private life" as if they would run a business ...", will not happen 
because humans are not lemmings.  Can we come up with a better approach?

re:  ... everything that needs some kind of "orchestration
      effort" will always be done by politicians or managers
      in corporations, because "private individuals" are not
      capable of that degree of orchestration.

That's a good observation.  It's close enough to accurate to show why 
events like those in Frome, U.K. (that started this discussion) are so 
rare.  Have you seen the news report of how the people of Frome replaced 
all the party politicians in their town council with independents?  It 
is an inspiring case that shows a community *can* rally to support a 
good idea.  You'll find it at:


When you read it, I wonder if you would be good enough to describe any 
weak points in what they have accomplished.  My concern is how they can 
ensure that future candidates for town council will also be independent. 
  Will IfF not become a party itself?  How can that be avoided?  How can 
the town council update their electoral process to ensure that every 
member of the community can participate in the political process to the 
full extent of each individual's desire and ability?

Fred Gohlke

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