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Facebook & Co. are not the solution.

If everyone would start to run their "private life" as if they would run a
business (thus, no consuming, but instead investing into one's own growth)
- that would need everyone to keep records and evaluate on how they are
doing and gives them incentives to collaborate with others and decide what
they want to "create" together ... with this mindset, i start with myself,
and once i'm confident i am in control of my data and performance and can
make decisions in my life like if i would run a "business" (just that i
might optimize for fun or whatever instead of profit), then i can start
collaborating with others to improve life conditions for me and my

The more this becomes a "culture" and the more of my relatives or
aquaintances in general start doing the same, the bigger (strategic?)
issues "we" can take on.
Thats the "bottom-up-process" which only works if people start to get
organized in order to be able to act collaboratively in constructive ways.

If they DONT do that, everything that needs some kind of "orchestration
effort" will always be done by politicians or managers in corporations,
because "private individuals" are not capable of that degree of

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 5:52 PM, Fred Gohlke <fredgohlke at verizon.net> wrote:

> Good Morning, Alexander
> You got me!!!
> You're talking about entrepreneurs starting business in technology-related
> businesses.  That's something I'm not qualified to discuss.  However, it
> raises two comments:
> First, while seems to me *anyone* might take advantage of the
> opportunities you describe, I doubt that *everyone* could.
> Second, I don't understand how the kind of operations you describe will
> enhance democracy any more than any other kind of activity among humans.  I
> have not noted any concerted effort to build a bottom-up political process
> among such fads as Facebook and Twitter (I subscribe to neither, but hear a
> lot about them).
> Fred Gohlke
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