[EM] (2): UK 'post mortem', 2nd discussion between Steve and Fred Gohlke

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Thu Jul 2 08:52:05 PDT 2015

Good Morning, Alexander

You got me!!!

You're talking about entrepreneurs starting business in 
technology-related businesses.  That's something I'm not qualified to 
discuss.  However, it raises two comments:

First, while seems to me *anyone* might take advantage of the 
opportunities you describe, I doubt that *everyone* could.

Second, I don't understand how the kind of operations you describe will 
enhance democracy any more than any other kind of activity among humans. 
  I have not noted any concerted effort to build a bottom-up political 
process among such fads as Facebook and Twitter (I subscribe to neither, 
but hear a lot about them).

Fred Gohlke

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