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ER-IRV(whole), I've always referred to as "Approval IRV", or AIRV.

For the Green scenario, I'm not botherd by IRV's failure of Condorcet and
FBC, for reasons that I've given (vastly different media and electorate
than we have now in the U.S.)

We should all assume that we're in a mutual majority, because (as I've
said) we'll be in one if our assessments are right, and if others'
judgement is as good as our own.

So, in the Green scenario, I'm not so concerned about the strategy problems
of voters who aren't in a mutual majorty (MM).

IRV is great for you if you're in a MM. Additionally, as you've mentioned,
IRV meets LNHa and LNHe.

So I don't think IRV needs any mofification, and IRV, without AIRV, would
be fine.

But I like Benham and Woodall because their Condorcet Criterion (CC)
compliance makes things less strategucally drastic for vorters who aren't
in a MM. Not that that's important; but it's a nice little luxury, just in
case the GPUS voters are convinced by their party's advice, to rank the
Democrats directly below GPUS, resultng in the progressives not being a
voted mutual majority.

...And, for that same reason, I like AIRV, because its option of
approval-like voting (voting Compromise in 1st place along with Favorite)
makes things easier for non-MM voters.

Could you give an example of the use of AIRV's pushover strategy?

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