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YES or NO tiebreakers

In REAL elections there can be BOTH Number Votes (relative support) and 
YES/NO (Y/N) votes (absolute support).

Some voters obviously may vote YES or NO on each choice --
YES votes for all choices.
Both YES and NO votes for many choices.
NO votes for all choices.

Un-ranked Number Votes could be deemed to be NO votes in last place.

3 Choices - NO Condorcet winner or loser





Standard circular tie - IF ALL relative votes are deemed YES votes.

No Condorcet Winner or Loser.


66 A > 33 B
67 B > 32 C
65 C > 34 A

How often would circular ties happen in REAL elections ???

NO votes only in all column places -- from additional voters
AN 50
BN 30
CN 20
Assume the A>B>C>A cycle math is the same.

Should A lose ???
Should B beat C ???
The above is related to the Divided Majority case --
YES votes only
26 AB
25 BA
49 Z

With both YES and NO votes --

26 ABZ
25 BAZ
28 ZBA
21 ZAB

AN 49
BN 49
ZN 51 loses

With both YES and NO relative votes
B 53 (YES 25, NO 28) beats A 47 (YES 26, NO 21).

Note - a divided YES majority may obviously have 2 or more parts -- 3, 4, 

Thus - should the number of NO votes be used as a tiebreaker ???
- or use the YES votes in the first N-1 columns (i.e. all YES votes in the 
last column are deemed to be NO votes) ???

The above would apply ONLY to --

legislative body elections within a party or coalition group for possible 
marginal seats -- i.e. no 1st choice Droop Quotas


executive (e.g. Prez, Guv, Mayor, etc.) and judicial officer elections -

i.e. but NOT for having other political parties determine the marginal seat 
winners in legislative body elections.

Again - for executive and judicial offices there can be (and likely should 
be) a required YES vote majority for all winners --

if not, then have the legislative body fill the vacancy.

In legislative bodies the seat winners would have variable voting powers 
whether or not each gets YES and/or NO votes.
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