[EM] MAM now has 2 definition-wordings at electowiki.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Sun May 25 10:07:21 PDT 2014

Steve Eppley has an electowiki page defining and decribing MAM, telling its
propoperties, and comparing it to somewhat reated methods.

Steve's page is reached by searching, at electowiki, for "Maximize Affirmed

My page, with an alternative, somwhat briefer, definition-wording, is
reached by searching, at electowiki, for "MAM".

At the top of my page is a link to Steve's page. Then follows my
time-independent definition of MAM. I like my definition for its brevityl,
simplicity, and conciseness.

Those attributes can make a definition's motivation and justification a
little more obvious at a glance, and can thereby make a definition more

As I point out at the beginning of my defintiion, its paragraph # 6 is a
very brief and concise definition of MAM. The other paragraphs are merely
supporting definitions for paragraph # 6.

Maybe paragraph # 6 should be stated before the numbered paragraphs, as the
brief defnition, in additon to its #6 position in the complete definition.

My page's only purpose is to accomodate seaches for "MAM", and to state my
brief defintion. Steve's page is the one that tells MAM's properties and
compares it to other methods.

Michael Ossipoff
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