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Legislative Body Elections

One way to greatly reduce the math about loser choices in legislative P.R. 
elections is to require legislative candidates to file public rank order 
lists using Number Votes and YES/NO votes regarding ALL of the other candidates 
BEFORE each election.

i.e. A voter would be voting for the candidate and his/her rank order list 
-- i.e. probable coalition stuff involving smaller parties.

Example -
5 members are to be elected in an area.

10 candidates of various parties.

Each voter votes for ONE candidate.
i.e. 5 Test Winners - Test Loser - 4 Other Test Losers in each Condorcet 

3 candidates get a 1st place Droop Quota - are elected.

3 candidates are Condorcet Losers -- move loser votes to a remaining 
candidate (1 of 7).

2 of 4 remaining candidates are eliminated via fewest YES votes -- move 
loser votes to a remaining candidate (1 of 5).

The 5 final winners would have a voting power equal to the final votes that 
each gets -- possible to have 2 or more candidates of the same party being 

Result - ALL voters get represented -- BOTH majority rule and minority 

Different districts would have different voting powers.

Sorry for some folks -- BUT -- a leftwing or rightwing TYRANT - DICTATOR - 
EMPEROR - ABSOLUTE MONARCH is NOT being elected in legislative body 
elections in any REAL Democracies.

See ALL of the dead and injured and enslaved bodies due to the EVIL 
ANTI-Democracy monarchs and oligarchs in world history -- most recently in the 
horrific 1914-1918 (Central Powers) and 1939-1945 (Axis Powers) world wars -- 
with their ongoing EVIL effects in many nations.
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