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Many of the examples by folks have INCOMPLETE votes in a N x N matrix.

That is improper.
A mini Approval Boundary Example --

50 AB
1 B
49 Z

IF Approval is being used, then B wins -- 51 B, 50 A, 49 Z.
Choice A is obviously very hurt by the 2nd choice votes for B.

IF all voters are required to use Number Votes for all choices, then there 
would be --
Single office
50 ABZ
1 B??
49 Z??

Who wins then -- with what election method ???

Thus - If there are N choices, then should the first N-1 choices be deemed 
*YES* votes ???
I.E. a Feedback loop --
1. First place majority YES - Winner.
2. NO First place majority -- choice with lowest YES votes in the N-1 
columns loses
3. Shift Votes left.
4. Repeat steps 1-3, if necessary.

Larger example -- 
5 choices, YES in columns 1-4, remove loser, shift loser votes left
4 choices, YES in columns 1-3, ditto, ditto
3 choices, YES in columns 1-2, ditto, ditto
2 choices, YES in column 1

[In larger examples, a divided majority may obviously have many parts. -- 
e.g. 2 to 4 parts in a 5 choices example]

For a reality check, the voters should also have a plain english YES vote 
on each choice 
--- since Number Votes ONLY show *relative* support.
i.e. use both Number Votes and YES/NO [default] votes. 
i.e. even if there are only 2 choices, both of them may be UN-acceptable to 
a majority of the voters.

If somehow a choice for an executive/judicial office does NOT get a YES 
majority, then perhaps declare a vacancy and have the legislative body involved 
fill the vacancy with some other choice.

Again - for legislative body elections the final winners should have a 
voting power equal to the final votes received - i.e. ALL voters get represented 
-- both majority rule and minority representation.

Again - ANY election reform has to get past the LIMITED math brain cells of 
5 of the SCOTUS folks -- unless it is an Amendment to the U.S.A. Const.

How many of the *complex* election methods have ANY chance whatever of 
becoming such an Amendment ???

See the chaos about the mere statutory math for apportioning USA Reps among 
the States. 
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