[EM] MMLV(erw)M fails Unburiable Mutual Dominat Third

C.Benham cbenham at adam.com.au
Mon May 19 11:59:50 PDT 2014

In an earlier post discussing my new method idea, MinMax Losing 
Votes(erw) Margins, I wrote:

> 34 A>B
> 17 C>A
> 16 B>C
> 31 B
> 02 B>C  (sincere is B or B>A)
> A is the sincere Condorcet winner (and a sincere Mutual Dominant Third
> winner).
> A>B>C>A.    MMLV(erw)  scores:  B49 > A34 > C17. The margin between
> adjacent candidates B and A (15)  is smaller than
> that between A and C (17), and A pairwise beats B, so Margins Sort first
> flips that order to give A>B>C with no candidate pairwise
> beating the next highest in the order, and so elects the candidate
> highest in this final order, A.
> C>A -17,   A>B -15,   B>C +32.      A has the weakest defeat and so wins.
> It looks to me  like MMLV(erw)M  meets  Unburiable Mutual Dominant Third!

But it doesn't.

46 A>C (sincere is A or A>B)
10 B>A
24 B>C
20 C>B

A>C>B>A.     MMLV(erw) scores: A46 > C44 > B34.

B is the sincere MDT candidate, but unfortunately the buriers' favourite 
(A) wins.

Chris Benham

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