[EM] Score Voting and Approval Voting not practically substantially different from Plurality?

Chris Benham cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 24 11:42:17 PDT 2013

Ben Grant wrote:
" - Approval Voting tends to result in irrelevant approval votes being given to weak candidates – which is pointless, or slightly stronger (but still losing) candidates can once again present a spoiler effect where a person’s
least preferred choice is elected because they cast their approval only toward their most preferred choice, who was nowhere near supported enough to stop their least preferred choice.

Am I substantially wrong about any of this? Ultimately, in real and practical terms, it seems that done intelligently, Score Voting devolves into Approval Voting, and Approval Voting devolves into Plurality Voting."
The idea is that some voters dislike feeling strategically pressured to vote their sincere favourites below equal-top. With voters never needing to vote their sincere favourites below equal-top, previous elections become a much better indicator of which candidates are really "weak".
So I don't see compliance with the Favorite Betrayal Criterion as "pointless".
Chris Benham
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