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On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Jameson Quinn <jameson.quinn at gmail.com>wrote:

> So I think we should have a poll with various options (using the system
> itself to rate the options, of course). I'll start out with some proposals
> and my votes:
> -IRAV: B
> -Descending Approval Threshold (DAT) Voting: A
> -Descending Approval Threshold Adjudgment (DATA voting): B
> -Majority Approval Threshold (MAT; note that the M could also be
> backronymmed to "Median"): A
> -Bucklin: F (not that we shouldn't say that this system is a Bucklin
> system, just that that shouldn't be our only name for it)
> -Bucklin-ER or ER-Bucklin: D (has already been used for other systems, not
> a descriptive name)
> -Graded Approval Threshold (GAT): C (Not bad, but not great)
> -Majority Assignment of Grades (MAG): C (ditto)
> -Graded Majority Approval (GMA): B (this one seems simple and descriptive)

Okay, I've bounced my head against the names a few times.  Are we talking
about the name for us to use or a name for public branding?  I don't think
the former matters too much, so I'm thinking about the latter.

-Descending Approval Threshold (DAT) Voting: C
-Descending Approval Threshold Adjudgment (DATA voting): F
-Majority Approval Threshold (MAT; note that the M could also be
backronymmed to "Median"): B
-Bucklin: F
-Bucklin-ER or ER-Bucklin: F
-Graded Approval Threshold (GAT): D
-Majority Assignment of Grades (MAG): F
-Graded Majority Approval (GMA): D

Frankly, I'm not getting used to any of them.  I've imagined myself
introducing the system to people, even smart people, and I don't think we
get three words.  I think we only get two ("voting" at the end doesn't
count).  I only gave a B to MAT because I think "threshold" at the end
would fall off.  Here are some more suggestions:

-Majority Approval Voting: A
-Delayed Approval Voting: C
-Approval Level Voting: B
-Delayed Support Voting: C
-Majority Support Voting: A
-Support Level Voting: B (only if all the grade labels use the word
-Gradual Support Voting: D
-Gradual Approval Voting: D

Perhaps we could call it "Majority Approval Threshold" for a while and
then, if we still really like it, we can drop the "threshold".

In addition to my friend's concerns with the word "majority" that I
mentioned earlier, I have another one:  I think percentiles other than the
50th will be appropriate.  Obviously, it's the only thing that's
appropriate for political elections, but it's pretty blatant about ignoring
half the electorate.  In friendlier situations (choosing a restaurant or
something), I would want the outcome that gets to 75% approval first.  Or
90%.  Yet I still gave the best grades to labels with the word "majority"
in them, so I think I'm admitting that there's nothing we can do about
this.  If we call it "majority approval", then in situations where you're
going for 75 percent you would call it "75th-percentile approval" or
something like that.

~ Andy
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