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2013/6/15 Andy Jennings <elections at jenningsstory.com>

> I also report that I was talking with a progressive activist (and former
> legislator) here in Arizona last year who didn't like branding of the word
> "majority".  He was afraid it would be a turn-off to those who feel like
> the wrong majority is already too dominant.

On that score... certainly I personally sympathize with a third-party
activist's frustration with the "majority" parties (or worse, a locally
"majority" party). But I've made a conscious choice in my voting reform
activism not to pitch it as a third party idea. I think the kind of thing
Mike Ossipoff does when he says that a good voting system will lead to a
green takeover is both false and a huge turnoff to the average voter.
Voting reform would mean that third parties would win sometimes, but its
largest effects would be in forcing/allowing the major parties to reform
and in reducing the power of special interest money. And I think it's
important to make that clear, to stop normal Democratic and Republican
voters from classing us (and thus our voting reform proposals) as a third
party dead-ender.

So yeah, if "majority" is a turn-off for more people than it's a turn-on
for, we don't want it in the name. But I don't think we can conclude that
from Andy's anecdotal evidence.

Still, it's all worth considering, so thanks for the responses.

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