[EM] Does Top Two Approval fail the Favorite Betrayal Criterion

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Fri Jun 7 18:39:33 PDT 2013

At 06:10 PM 6/7/2013, Jameson Quinn wrote:
>Let's just drop this. You're technically wrong but substantially 
>right, and I don't see what's to be gained by convincing you of that 
>that's worth the time I think it would take.
>As to the name thing, you called me "James". No big deal, really. I 
>made the "Joe" joke, then you didn't realize what I was talking 
>about and implied I was serious. Misunderstanding.

Weird. I actually looked through the mail to find where I might have 
used the wrong name for you and didn't notice that *it was right there.*

But I didn't think you were serious, Jameson. After all, you had a 
smiley face there. I responded, then, deadpan. How did I "imply you 
were serious"?

As to the issue, no, I want to know, but it doesn't have to be from 
you. You are claiming I'm "technically wrong," and perhaps I am, but 
.... I have not see the evidence. "Turkey raising" didn't cut it.

Once again, anyone, see the question in the subject header. If it 
fails, please show an example.

To repeat, let this be the basic definition of "top two approval."

Approval voting is used for a primary and the top two candidates are 
placed on the ballot in the general election. Write-in votes are 
allowed in the runoff. Does the primary fail FBC?

(This is the Arizona proposal, recently referred to a special 
advisory committee on approval voting, it appears, if the House 
passes the amended version.)

Trick bonus question: if the general election is also approval, does 
the method fail FBC? 

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