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Mon Sep 24 07:04:38 PDT 2012


You said:

> Again -- the minority may/will in most cases also be divided in real
> elections.

Then Symmetrical ICT would be better than unimproved Condorcet methods
such as Beatpath, etc., because SITC doesn't have the chicken dilemma.

> Elections for all elected executive officers and all judges MUST now be
> *NONPARTISAN* -- to END the super-dangerous New Age CULT stuff regarding New
> Age Prezs, State Guvs, local mayors, etc. (who seem to be getting more and
> more EVIL powermad corrupt).

Nonpartisan elections wouldn't have any effect on the things that you
describe in that paragraph. Party affiliation and endorsement tells
people something about what policy platform a candidate espouses,
recommends, proposes, offers or advocates. That's the most relevant
thing about a candidate.

When you speak of getting more corrupt, you're referring to Democrat
and Republican candidates.

Let's be clear about who's well-known to be corrupt: Democrat and
Republican politicians..

 Though they've been corrupt for a long time, I agree that they may
well be getting more corrupt, as each successive presidential
administration builds on the corruption-enhancing work of the previous

> i.e. how many ex State Guvs and local mayors, etc. are in jail and/or facing
> major felony prosecutions ??? - think Illinois, Detroit, etc.
> i.e. How many UN-detected FELONS in public offices ???

Well, why shouldn't they be felons? They nearly always get away with
it. Here's a new idea: Make elected officials subject to the law.
Routinely put them in a penitentiary (an ordinary one, not a
country-club) when they accept bribes, commit criminal fraud by
violating, for money, the promises for which they were elected, or
commit other crimes. The number of years of their sentences shouldn't
be any less because they're officeholders.

Mike Ossipoff

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