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> Be more specific about your suggestion for dealing with divided majority.

The Number Votes Matrix - Left Votes Shifts is for a zillion divided 
majority examples.

Another one -

49 Z???

Which of A, B or C is the perceived least EVIL for the Z voters ???

Again -- the minority may/will in most cases also be divided in real 

Elections for all elected executive officers and all judges MUST now be 
*NONPARTISAN* -- to END the super-dangerous New Age CULT stuff regarding New 
Age Prezs, State Guvs, local mayors, etc. (who seem to be getting more and 
more EVIL powermad corrupt).

i.e. how many ex State Guvs and local mayors, etc. are in jail and/or 
facing major felony prosecutions ??? - think Illinois, Detroit, etc.

i.e. How many UN-detected FELONS in public offices ???

Related matter - The DARK AGE executive veto must be abolished - a vestige 
of the EVIL divine right of kings stuff.

Mother Earth belongs to the living and NOT to the dead (who created all 
sorts of ANTI-Democracy stuff due to EVIL monarchy / oligarchy regimes in the 
EVIL past).
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