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Tue Sep 25 12:05:12 PDT 2012

Having multiple nonpartisan executive officers in each regime to watch each 
other *may* reduce the corruption a bit.

i.e. multiple sheriffs and public attorneys especially.

The U.S.A. regime with only the Prez/VP being elected in the Fed executive 
branch via the timebomb minority rule Electoral College has become more and 
more super-dangerous since 1861/1929 

-- compounded by various SCOTUS opinions making each Prez a LAWLESS monarch 
- emperor - tyrant -- especially regarding UN-declared foreign wars.

i.e. one more const amdt - nonpartisan election of the U.S.A. Secretary of 
State, Attorney General, local U.S.A. Marshals and District Attys.

Is there ANY moron State in the Union which ONLY elects a State Guv/Lt. Guv 
in the State's executive branch ??? 
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