[EM] Supernumerary. Subnumerarity.

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I'd assumed that, in that word, the "numer-" was streamlined by dropping its 2nd syllable. But, just in case, I eventually looked up "Supernumerary", and_it_ was in the dictionary. So "numer-" isn't shortened in that way, and the word is "Supernumerary". So the opposite would be "Subnumerary", andthe state-of-affairs noun would be "Subnumerarity". Of course, in this usage, that noun would refer to the state of affairs of a set, as opposed to how "Supernumerary" usually refers to one member of a set. But, of course, what's wrong with the familiar word "Paucity, " or  the universally-used expression "small sample"? Mike Ossipoff  		 	   		  
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