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Tue Jan 17 11:54:02 PST 2012


I'd said:

> 4. 3-Slot rankings

You wrote:

Could you clarify that 3-slot means something like "Prefer, Accept,
Reject"?  That is, two approved rankings and one disapproved.


Yes, that's how I mean it.

I've been calling the 3 slots "Top", "Middle" and "Bottom", but of course
that just refers to physical _position_ on the ballot. To put it in terms of the
voter's actual rating of the candidates, then yes, it would be more accurate
to call it Preferred, Accepted, Rejected. ...Because that's what the
positions mean.

On my own ballot, I rated GPUS "Middle", because I consider GPUS to be acceptable,
though not favorite, and though I distinctly prefer another party to it.

I rated G/GPUSA "Top" because I prefer it to the other alternatives. So yes, Preferred,
Accepted, Rejected is what the ratings really mean. 

For public elections, Preferred, Accepted, Rejected is probably better because it
clarifies those meanings. 

For use in this poll, either naming is fine. I'd have spoken of
Preferred, Accepted, Rejected instead of Top, Middle, Bottom, if
it had occurred to me to put it in terms of what the positions actually
mean, what the ballot is actually saying about the parties.

So I agree that Preferred, Accepted, Rejected is a better way to say it,
and therefore it is a better way to write it on the ballot.

Mike Ossipoff


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