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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 10:20:14 PST 2012


Poll Update:


Of course the nomination period has ended. And of course the
voting period beginsimmediately when the nomination period ends. Note that I
said “voting _period_”, and not “voting”, which is an entirely different


I did and do feel that I should propose a poll. I’ve been
saying this in various ways previously, but let me say it in this way now: 

Though I wanted to make a poll available, and though you’re
welcome to participate, that’s your business only. Please don’t think that I _expect_
anyone to participate. You might get that impression, given the care with which
I’ve specified the poll and its nomination and balloting periods. It’s just
something that I felt that I should do. Let me give you a tip: In general, with
things like this, what matters, rather than the outcome, is what _­_you_
do.   …that you did your part. 


That’s why I’m proceeding with the poll postings though
there haven’t been any nominations other than my own. Likewise, I’ll post my
ballot, regardless of whether it may be the only one.  A demonstration ballot is part of a poll.


So the voting period began Sunday, two days ago. Let’s say
that the voting period ends on February 1st, at 0 hours, one minute,
GMT (UT) if, at that time, there hasn’t been a ballot posted during the
previous 72 hours. If there has, then the voting period ends as soon as, subsequent to February 1st, there
hasn’t been a ballot posted for 72 hours.


I’d initially suggested 3 ballotings for the poll. Two other
people suggested two additional ones, for a total of 5. I’d like to add one
more: Approval without other balloting options. I suggest that the poll should
include such a ballot because traditionally all of EM’s polls have included an
ordinary Approval balloting.


So here are the 6 ballotings in the poll:


     without other voting optionsApproval
     with other voting optionsScore
     Voting (0-99)3-Slot


I couldn’t find IRV3/AV3 in the electowiki, but I’m hoping
that Dave will post its definition to EM.


For my participation in EM, I’ve saved the poll for last.
After the end of the voting period, I’ll put some method and criterion
definitions in the electowiki. Then I’ll check out polls and polling
possibilities elsewhere than EM. During the days when I’m doing those things,
I’ll continue to look at the EM postings, and maybe sometimes comment
when appropriate.


My own ballot, the demonstration ballot, will combine 3-slot
with unlimited rankings, because I’m not voting for more than two parties. 


Of course there’s no need to vote more than one 3-slot
ranking, and, if desired, one longer ranking. That’s how people have
traditionally voted in EM polls: One ranking. As for myself, I’ll vote 3
rankings: One for methods that fail the CD criterion; one for methods that pass
CD and require mutual coalition support to defeat C in the ABE; and one for
methods that pass CD and allow unilateral coalition-support to defeat C. But
you needn’t bother with such distinctions. Typically people here have voted
just one ranking.


Mike Ossipoff





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