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You wrote:

I wonder if it is possible for a CL to win three slot MMPO when the number of ballots on which X appears 
in the bottom slot is counted as an oppsitions to X.

In other words, I wonder if the CL disqualification is redudant in that context.

Also, how does the CLD rule affect the FBC in general?


I too have been concerned that FBC compliance could be affected by CLD, or the other
disqualification and completion proposals that I've speculatively suggested.

I suggest that when one method is completed by another, or when there are 
disqualifications, the "," relation should be used instead of the "//" relation. 

So, when applying the 2nd method--the completion method, or the method used after
the disqualifications--the entire initial set of candidates would be used in 
calculating the scores for the completion or post-disqualification method, even
though that method is applied only to the post-disqualification candidates.

Doesn't that do a lot to protect FBC compliance.

I found that CLDMMPO wouldn't avoid Kevin's MMPO bad-example (I mentioned that in
my other post today). But, as Ted suggested, maybe 3-slot methods can avoid many
of the problems that can happen with unlimited-ranking methods. So that's another
thing to investigate. Might 3-slot MMPO be easier to protect from Kevin's 
bad-example? Is there some easy way to achieve that?

Mike Ossipoff

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