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You wrote:

I think if you're going to assess election rules based on real world
practice, you gotta have realistic conditions... and you gotta include
IRV3/AV3.  I promise you that in the real world, it'd do just as realistic
as a lot of the other more complicated rules would.


Of course. If that method is one that is discussed here, then certainly it
should be used in the poll.

Now, could that method be used with only a ranking and the AERLO option?

Does it need information other than a ranking?

If it doesn't, then it could just be one of the ways of counting the rankings.

If it does, then, if IRV3/AV3 is popular on EM, and is one of EM's main
proposals, then the use of a special balloting for IRV3/AV3 is certainly

(The balloting so far are: Approval, Score, 3-Slot, and Unlimited Rankings)

If IRV3/AV3 requires information other than just a ranking, then it would
need a separate balloting, raising the total number of ballotings to 5.

But that's justified if IRV3/AV3 is one of the main proposals considered
here. I don't think that it's unreasonable for a poll to use special
ballotings for main EM-proposed methods that require a special balloting.
If IRV3/AV3 is popular on EM, then members wouldn't object to having
a special balloting for it. 

Is there any objection?

Could you state the rule for IRV3/AV3 here? Does it need information other
than just rankings?

As I said, the creation of a poll must be a collective process, and 
I have no objection to an additional balloting for a main EM proposal,
a method popular on EM. 

Anyway, a collective process isn't up to me alone,
so of course I defer to what's popular.

Mike Ossipoff

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