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You wrote:

May I suggest that you also include a 3-slot ballot option?  I.e.,
Preferred, Acceptable, Reject.  You could call it a Fallback Approval
ballot if you like.

Many methods (e.g., most Condorcet methods, ER-Bucklin) that don't
meet the Participation criterion will do so when restricted to
3-slots.  It would be interesting to compare behavior with that level
of compression.


I'd considered that too: A _genenral_ 3-slot election, alongside the
unlimited ranking election. 

Distinct from the MCA, MTA, MTAOC and MCAOC voting options in the Approval
election, this would be a separate general 3-slot election.

So then there would be four elections:

Approval, Score, 3-Slot, and Unlimited Rankings.

I have no objection to that.

The putting-together of a poll such as this poll must of course include others'
suggestions, not just those of the poll-proposer. And so the separate 
general 3-slot election, as one of the four listed above should be
considered part of the poll-specification. 

Mike Ossipoff

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