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They are quirky because of IIA. The papers on this are from the 1970's. Quote Wikipedia:
"The Gibbard–Satterthwaite theorem, named after Allan Gibbard and Mark Satterthwaite, is a 
result about the deterministic voting systems that choose a single winner using only the preferences 
of the voters, where each voter ranks all candidates in order of preference. The Gibbard–Satterthwaite 
theorem states that, for three or more candidates, one of the following three things must hold for every 
voting rule:
	1. The rule is dictatorial (i.e., there is a single individual who can choose the winner), or 
	2. There is some candidate who can never win, under the rule, or 
	3. The rule is susceptible to tactical voting, in the sense that there are conditions under which a voter 
with full knowledge of how the other voters are to vote and of the rule being used would have an incentive to vote in a manner that does not reflect his preferences. "
I do wish we only posted in text. If I quote an html email as text I don't get any > symbols anymore to mark
what the other person said. And if I quote it as html, I have to supply my own indentation and still don't get 
any marker next to the quoted text.

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It seems quite a few election rules get quirky in one way or the other with a 3-way competitive election.

That might be a point worth considering in the abstract in a paper or something.... why are 3-way single-winner elections quirky? 


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..., cuz the simple fact of the matter is that IRV works best with only 3 candidates.  
>2.5, actually.

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