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>>> They do maintain the constituent-legislator relationship, *for the
>>> subset of voters who voted in favor of the legislator*.  For the remaining
>>> Droop quota of un- or under-represented constituents the nonexistence of
>>> the constituent-legislator relationship is also maintained.
>> Here's my chance to plug PAL representation<http://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/PAL_representation>,
>> which does PR but uses existing-sized districts and preserves a specific
>> constituent-legislator relationship for all but (up to) one Droop quota of
>> voters.
> Hmm..   Interesting, but it seems too complicated to me.  It's got all the
> complication of delegation, approval, and STV - with a bit less voter
> burden on the approval side since only the candidates have to pick approval
> thresholds - plus the variable quota and elimination procedure, which
> doesn't have a strong intuitive interpretation to me.  Maybe if you can
> find a way to simplify the counting algorithm - or a way to explain it with
> a more intuitive connection - but otherwise I think it would be too
> difficult to get adopted.
>  I agree, it probably needs work (simplified system or at least pitch)
before adoption. Still, the basic features -- single-member-district-based
PR with the same quota for all candidates -- are, I think worthwhile.

To answer your specific question: the variable quota is in case too many
ballots get "exhausted" before the legislature is full. This could happen
if candidates didn't specify enough "fallback" candidates/parties to which
to transfer their leftover votes; or if too many voters voted deliberately
null protest votes.  When that happens, the quota is lowered until the
legislature can be filled with candidates, all of whom are "charged" the
same quota for entrance. This is preferable to electing the last winner
without a true mandate, just with whatever scraps of a quota they can
scrape together.

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