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Thu Feb 2 11:36:11 PST 2012

On 2/2/12 2:16 PM, David L Wetzell wrote:
> I do change my mind.  The fact I haven't wrt IRV is because I got a 
> good case and it is a huge non sequitur to presume that "the" solution 
> to the US's political problems is for it to become an EU-style 
> multi-party system....

careful, David.  a hard-won reform that performs poorly the *second* 
time it's used, sets *back* the movement for voting reform.  it's 
important that we get this right, not just change it from the status quo.

> Didn't you read RBJ's rebuke to your over-the-top rhetoric wrt IRV???

careful, David.  even though Kathy Dopp has not recognized it, and many 
here in Burlington (on both sides of the IRV debate) don't quite 
understand my nuance (just like the two-party system of Dumb and Dumber, 
for most people here, yer either fer or agin' IRV), i am, and have been 
since March 2009, a pointed critic of IRV because it was so clear that 
IRV *failed* to do what it was we wanted it to do in 2009.

but i voted to keep IRV in 2010 (hoping that we could keep the ranked 
ballot and maybe reform it from IRV to Condorcet) and when that failed, 
i voted to require a (delayed) runoff for the mayoral election when no 
candidate achieved 50% and that also failed.  the threshold is exceeding 
40%.  even though the Progs have not fielded a candidate this year (the 
Progs are in trouble here in Burlington), there *is* a third candidate 
who will likely draw more votes from the Dem than from the GOP 
candidate.  we could very well get a Mayor 41% and that is precisely the 
problem.  in my opinion, the very people who accused the Progs of trying 
to set up a voting system that specifically (and unfairly) favors their 
party have themselves reverted us back to a system that specifically and 
unfairly favors themselves.  the die is cast.

> Y'all are trying to justify the large amount of time spent playing 
> with complicated single-winner election rules when the truth is that 
> such is not a pressing question for US_American electoral reform.

i might agree with that.  but i wouldn't include Condorcet among the list.


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