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You said that the F-preferring voters could let G win by merely approving both F and G. 

But maybe only a subset of the F voters are willing to try to keep G from losing. Then, those few might need
to vote for G and not for F, in order to keep F from beating G in the initial ballots-only Approval count.

Your arguments depended on the words "probably" and "unlikely". You'd assure voters that
"You probably won't regret not burying your favorite". With compromise-cowed voters (such as those
in our public political elections), "probably" just don't cut it.

In Condorcet, you probably won't regret not burying your favorite. It would be unlikely. And yet (as I've said)
I've observe a lesser-of-2-evils Democrat-voter bury under all of the Democrat candidates, the candidate whose
policies she prefers to those of the Democrats.

No, as I said, it's necessary to assure voters that it's entirely impossible for them to get a worse result because they
didn't bury their favorite.

Mike Ossipoff

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