[EM] proposal for posting style

Ted Stern araucaria.araucana at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 09:06:21 PST 2012

I have a simple request for those posting to this list:

If you use abbreviations for voting methods, please include a small
glossary at the end of your message.  For example,

... here I'm saying something about DMC, GATV, and IBIFA ...

[... rest of text ...]

DMC:  Definitive Majority Choice (a Condorcet method)
GATV:  Graded Approval Transferable Vote (quota-based PR method based on
IBIFA:  Irrelevant Ballot Independent Fallback Approval (Chris Benham
        single-winner method based on ER-Bucklin)

If you make a file containing your usual terms, you can just include
it at the end of your message.

Okay, maybe that isn't such a simple request ;-), but it would really
help, especially when certain posters use a whirlwind of initialisms
that I didn't pay attention to when they introduced them in 20
separate messages 28 months ago ...

araucaria dot araucana at gmail dot com

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