[EM] language/framing quibble

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Mon Jan 26 06:08:20 PST 2009

Good Morning, Juho

Let me start by apologizing for my tardy response.  Although it was not 
the only cause, there was an extenuating circumstance:  We were invaded 
... by our offspring.  My wife and I celebrated our 57th wedding 
anniversary and, for some reason, our family thought that worthy of 
note.  To tell you the truth, after thinking about my life with my wife, 
I agreed with them.  I am uncommonly fortunate.

re: "On the other hand a representational democracy needs some
      structure to handle different political opinions, ..."

Does reason not provide a better structure than bias?

re: "... and having parties is not a bad approach for taking care
      of this need."

I disagree.  It is a terrible, self-defeating approach.

Many humans lament the depredation of war; particularly those subject to 
its ravages.  Why, then, is the best political system we can devise one 
based on confrontation?  Can we not see that confrontational methods 
must lead to confrontational results?  Do we lack the wisdom and 
judgment to seek a method informed by our reason rather than our passion?

Most people think parties are necessary so you are among the majority. 
You may take comfort from that, but it gives me none.  I look at the 
evolution, just during my lifetime, of gigantic entities that dominate 
our existence and devastate our planet; I look at one nation invading 
another; I look at monstrous greed thriving on deceit and obfuscation, 
and I think, "Oh, Oh!  There must be a better way.  We've got to do 
better than this."

Fred Gohlke

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