[EM] Feature extraction and criteria for multiwinner elections

Kristofer Munsterhjelm km-elmet at broadpark.no
Sun Jan 4 04:49:17 PST 2009

Paul Kislanko wrote:
> See below for the context.
> I thought aloud a few years ago that one way to select a "winning ranked
> ballot" would be to find the ballot that is "most like" the consensus
> ballot. Order the candidates by their Bucklin rank and ballots by the
> Kendall tau "distance" that each ballot is from the Bucklin rank. The ballot
> with the least tau distance from the medians is then used to decide the
> election.
> (Based upon a science fiction short-story from the 1950s, but reasonable
> from a mathematical perspective.)

That sounds a bit like Kemeny. How does it relate to multiwinner 
methods? (Also, what story?)

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