[EM] Yee/B.Olson Diagram Remarks

fsimmons at pcc.edu fsimmons at pcc.edu
Thu Dec 18 17:32:22 PST 2008

 Here's the latest update on my investigation of "squeeze out" and "non-starlike" effects in Yee/B.Olson 
diagrams (YBD's) of IRV.

I'm still cocentrating on the three candidate case,

If the triangle of candidate is scalene, then ...

(1) for all sufficiently large values of sigma (the standard deviation of the voter distributions) candidate C (the 
one opposite the longest side of the triangle) will be excluded from her own win region.  The bigger sigma, 
the further outside her win region.  As sigma gets larger without bound the distance from C to the win region 
grows without bound.

(2) for all sufficiently small values of sigma, the win region for candidate A (the candidate opposite the 
smallest side of the triangle) is not starlike relative to A.

I am working on mapping the size of the sigma gap between these two kinds of pathologies.

To be continued ...


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