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Kristofer Munsterhjelm wrote (Sat.Nov.29):


>I don't know of any method that meets  the MDQBR you refer to that isn't 
>completely invulnerable to Burial (do you?), so I don't see how that criterion is 
>presently useful.

That's odd, because the example I gave in a reply to Juho was yours.

Note that the method of that post (which I've been referring to as "first preference Copeland") ...


Yes,sorry, that was a not-well-considered posting of mine that I'd forgotten.

That method, the basic version of which was introduced by Forest Simmons as "Clone-proofed
Copeland", doesn't meet  "Mutual Dominant Quarter Burial Resistance" (MDQBR).

26: A>B
25: C>A
02: C>B
25: B>A
22: B>C

A>B 51-49,   A>C 51-49,   B>C  73-27.  

FPs: A26,  B47,  C27.  A is the CW and wins with the penalty score of  "total FPs of candidates
pairwise beaten by" of  zero. With over a quarter of the FPs A is a "mutual dominant quarter" 

Say two of the 25 B>A change to B>C:

26: A>B
25: C>A
02: C>B
23: B>A
24: B>C

A>B 51-49,   C>A 51-49,   B>C  73-27

Now the penalty scores are  A27,  B26,  C47.  The Burial has worked, the new winner is B.

Chris Benham

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