[EM] D2MAC can be much more efficient than Range Voting (corrected)

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Thu Mar 8 00:50:55 PST 2007

Dear Scott,

you wrote:
> That seems really lame.  Such a method would certainly fail to elect A
> even if there was unanimous consent!
What do you mean by that? Unanimous consent about A like in

100%-x: A 100, C 90, B 0
x:      B 100, C 90, A 0

with very small x?

In that case, only somewhat more than x of the A-voters need to bullet-vote
for A to have almost 100% winning probability. E.g.:

100%-3x: favourite A, also approved C
2x:      favourite A
x:       favourite B, also approved C

Resulting winning probabilities:

A: (100%-3x)*(100%-x) + 2x   ~ 100%-2x
B: x*3x                      ~ 0
C: (100%-3x)*x + x*(100%-3x) ~ 2x

So in this case it elects almost certainly the favourite of the broad 
and only with a very small probability the compromise option.


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